Process Analysis and Design of Innovative Systems

The core activities of DNY P.C. are the simulation and integration of state-of-the-art industrial processes, the design and development of new products.
DNY P.C. conducts feasibility studies, Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Cost Assessment and develop business plans mainly for the agrifood sector.
DNY's P.C. staff has been involved in numerous projects with public bodies and companies and in EU-funded international programs.
The company is interested in creating a global partnership in a wide range of scientific research projects (food and cosmetics industry, bio-industry, process development, eco-innovation, life cycle assessment) and undertaking competitive research projects that will lead to high scientific results.
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We can provide services that will expand your business capabilities and will make you enter the future of Environmental friendly economy.

Our people

DNY’s scientific team is composed of highly motivated and qualified people with research experience in universities and companies.

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