Main objective

The overall aim of FRIETS proposal is the development of novel processed berries (strawberry, raspberry and blackberry) with superior quality and nutritional characteristics, as well as extended shelf-life. Pre-harvest management practices will be optimized for cultivating high-quality berries. Low impact post-harvest technologies will be developed and optimised including (1) mild and energy efficient drying techniques (e.g. osmotic dehydration, freeze drying, microwave vacuum drying or their combination) using limited or no sugar or salt, and low temperatures, (2) composite or multi-layered edible coatings, based on micro- and macro-algae components, including encapsulated or non-encapsulated natural functional ingredients. Life Cycle Analysis and socio-techno-economic analysis will be implemented for the sustainable development of new products.


There is a need to optimise production of berries towards higher nutritional value fruits rather than volume of production and the use of precision agriculture is beneficial rather than increase volume.

FRIETS Project facts

5 European countries / 13 Partners / 529 Secondment months
From Pre-harvest management and precision farming-integration to prototyping and Public engagement strategies. All designed for efficient workflow and collaboration between our partners.


Novel prototypes of edible – coated berries using microalgae and microalgae components – Production of functional smart snacks


• Leader of WP7: Communication, Exploitation, Dissemination and Public Engagement of the FRIETS
• Core partner in WP6: LCA and LCC analysis of commercially applicable production protocols and pre-harvest management practices on berries maturation and edible coated dried potentials

Roles of DIGNITY

• Dissemination activities
• Continuously present and promote project results ensuring large awareness of the academic community, industry and end-users
• Organize and deliver a set of promotional, dissemination material, events and workshops
• Prepare the ground for the introduction of FRIETS solution in European markets.
• System Analysis for different scenarios and processes
• LCA, LCC, techno-economic analysis of the proposed processes.

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